I’m not a bargain basement stand-in for someone else. I’m not going to compete with a ghost.

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30 Days of Doctor Who → Day 9: Favorite friendship
↳ Tenth Doctor & Donna Noble. ‘I was gonna be with you forever. Rest of my life. Traveling. In the TARDIS. The Doctor Donna.

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Dalek/Bad Wolf: Nine thinking Rose is dead and finding out she’s not.

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Anonymous asked : Amy Pond x Eleven or Donna Noble x Ten?

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rtd era meme | eight episodes [3/8]

↳The Waters of Mars

«Don’t drink the water.»

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Favorite Doctor Who episodes: the Third Doctor → The Time Monster

Kronos, a living creature, was drawn at a time by the priests of Atlantis, using that crystal as its centre. Your friend the professor is trying to use that crystal, as it was used four thousand years ago, to capture the Chronovore.

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gif battle amandaseyfried vs. badwollf
round four ▪ 
doctor who + scenery

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tenth doctor + colors of the rainbow

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